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I've included this photo album of some of the people in The Grove's associate network that use our facilitation and Strategic Visioning methods integrally in their work. They are my teachers and I theirs. Collaboration networks are behind most truly innovative, robust methodologies, and our is no exception. Claiming credit as an individual would be like a tree claiming credit for the forest. If you aren't here and know that you should be, send me you picture and a writeup and I'll post it.


DAVID SIBBET — Here I am being trained by the RE-AMP annual meeting gathering LOL. It's impossible to illustrate all the associates who brought this work to its present state but I wanted to at least acknowledge the thousands of meeting participants who were in effect my trainers.

Meryem Le Saget

Meryem has worked with The Grove for nearly 20 years, and was integral in the development of the Strategic Visioning system and then later with the Sibbet/LeSaget Stage of Organization Model. She and David led the infamous visioning workshop on the Catalyst in Alaska in the 1990's.

Meryem is a well know writer about management subjects in France, a skilled senior consultant working with SV and many other approaches to leadership development, strategy and organization change. Meryem comes over to the United States frequently, and has been a continuing source of inspiration in Europe for her discriminating import of some of the best thinking from America. Her book on the Intuitive Manager reviews some of the best thinking about organizations and management from the states, including a chapter on Team Performance and Arthur M. Young's process theory. To those of us who have been able to enjoy her company, she has brings wonderful sensitivity and insight to her work.

Kayla Kirsch

Kayla is an exceptionally creative consultant (and artist) I met at a Graphic Facilitation workshop when she worked at Far West Labs as an educational strategist back in the 1990's. She joined The Grove in 1995 and among other things, helped create the first Strategic Visioning Graphic Guides® and was one of the first to prototype what is now the Personal Compass. She left The Grove in 2001 to create her own Leapfrog Consulting (and spend more time with her beautiful son!). She continues as a Grove associate and very experienced systems change consultant, with deep experience in educational systems.

Suzanne Otter

Suzanne worked for The Grove from 1985 to the mid 1990s and then set up an independent practice in Santa Fe. She is The Grove's lead trainer for Graphic Facilitation and also does Strategic Visioning work and training.

Roy Bartilson

Roy is opening the Strategic Facilitation Workshop in Sigtuna, Sweden, in 2004. He and Jonas have sponsored this workshop with the Grove for four years now. Roy was an internal change manager at Telia's wireless software group for many years, then a consultant with KIA consutling, and now has his own firm doing SV and change management in Sweden.

Scott Wheeler

I took this photo of Scott standing at his strategy wall. I met Scott at Mars Electronics Inc. where he was VP of Marketing, heading a group that kept track of a dozen different industries. He has left MEI and has his own consulting practice. He has taken all of Michael Porter's work and diagrammed it in PowerPoint and then arranged it in a large fashion. There are two other walls full of material in this room, but this is enough for now. He's currently working on a series of new Leader Guides for new SV templates.

Tom Benthin

Tom sent in this photo apologizing for not showing him working. "I'm usually taking the pictures" he writes. Tom has been one of The Grove's most active Sr. Associates, leading SV workshops, Storymap projects, and large group facilitation.

Jonas Kjellstrand

Here is Jonas providing an overview of template-based planning at the Facilitation Mastery Workshop in Donner Lake in 2003. Jonas was a visiting fellow at the Institute for the Future for several years and developed a collaboration with The Grove to bring SV workshops to Sweden. He has returned to Sweden to create a consulting practice with Roy Bartilson and continue as a colleague of The Grove.

Ed Claassen

Ed is introducing himself at the Facilitation Mastery Workshop. Ed joined The Grove in 1995 after 11 years as head of Training and Development at SRI International in Palo Alto and retired in 2008 to Ashland, OR. He was the virtual father of the Strategic Visioning templates, encouraging us to create a way that the visually saavy, but non-graphically adept could do big picture thinking. He was manager of the Grove Consulting group and a Sr. Consultant who worked with clients on Storymap projects, SV, and doing SV training as well.

Bill Bancroft

This is a photo of Bill at the 2003 Mastery Workshop. He has been an active associate since doing SV in Central America and with North American clients.

Virginia Ludvik

Gini listening at a Grove strategy retreat, thinking about the system. She is a former manager and OD consultant at Lucent Technologies. She is The Grove's Director of Marketing. In addition her OD skills have supported The Grove using real collaborative teams in almost every aspect of our work. She and Laurie and Lynette McCormack pioneered the Discovery Workshop for women last year.

Laurie Durnell

Laurie facilitates a lot of The Grove strategy retreats. She's the former head of Proaction Associates before joining The Grove as a Senior Consultant in 1996. She's an experienced graphic facilitator and SV consultant. She is one of The Grove SV trainers. Here she is leading us in a Five Bold steps process down at the Institute for the Future.

Gary Merrill

Gary is a long-time strategy and organization change consultant who has even facilitated Grove retreats. He's a member of Pathwalkers, a peer consulting group that has been meeting for four years and works out of Santa Cruz on sustainability and other issues.

Rob Eskridge

Rob, my original mentor in strategy work, is presenting in his former Growth Management Center conference room at Donner Lake. He specializes in helping mid-market companies on strategy, marketing, and leadership development. His headquarters are now near Gilroy south of Santa Cruz. He has been and is a consultant to the Grove itself on its development.

Deirdre Crowley

Dee was full time at The Grove for seven years and now is a Sr. Associate in Washington D.C. doing SV work, infographic design, and facilitation.

Lenny Lind

The Grove's name came from our time sharing office with Lenny Lind's CoVision down on Folsom Street. Lenny travels the work supporting groups with Council, a browser-based decision support system running on wireless Macs. We are strategic partners now, bringing a Stakeholder Forum service to our clients combining the graphics and groupware. Lenny and I met working together at the Apple Leadership Experience during the 1980s and have been ODing ever since.