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  •  HBR "75 Years of Management Ideas & Practice"
    I selected the following large Storymap's as representative examples of my information design work at The Grove where I was a lead designer on the project. Each of them were critical in moving us to another level of confidence and excitement about this big picture way of working. What these photos do not show, of course, is the rich process of facilitated design meetings that we led as a way of generating this material.

My Strategic Visioning Collaborators

  • RachelSmith
    I've included this photo album of some of the people in The Grove's associate network that use our facilitation and Strategic Visioning methods integrally in their work. They are my teachers and I theirs. Collaboration networks are behind most truly innovative, robust methodologies, and our is no exception. Claiming credit as an individual would be like a tree claiming credit for the forest. If you aren't here and know that you should be, send me you picture and a writeup and I'll post it.

Partners for Change Model

  • Sustainabilityplayersmap
    These are two supportive visuals for a Partners for Change model I co-designed with Sissel Waage and Ruth Rominger. It shows how we would bring multiple sustainability researchers and activists together around critical issues and support them to create collaborative efforts in media and tool creation.

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Account Deleted

Excellent article, David. I very, very much appreciate your balanced view!


Great article; Strongly reinforced some perspectives and also peaked my interest in the future of Android, a platform that should be a strong candidate for title: "tweaked by many".

Raj Kotecha

Just saw the two videos!! I had no idea what had already visualized back in 88. So much has been achieved since then, but there's still quite a bit of useful scope left to deliver in these ideas. Makes you wonder what's coming after that.

Big ah ha moment for me was understanding how powerful putting together story lines of a desired future and filming them can be.

Thanks a lot for sharing.


hello.this is Mina from Iran. I want to keep in touch with you for translating "visual meetings" in persian.
would you jus send me an email so I could have it.

Gogo | Denver Business


Thanks for this brilliant article. I hope to schedule some time early next year to read this biography. In the meantime, you've highlighted what may indeed be a cognitive bias so strong that it threatens to become a cultural one as well - the unwillingness to accept the "complexity" of the "small and many". And as a result, latching on to the broad narrative of the "epic hero" that has many elements of truth, but obscures actionable insight.

Thanks. I've been a fan for a long time, and I'm glad I've finally visited your blog.

Martha Bean

David, so interesting to read this. I am a voice (you may or may not -- that's ok) remember from your past. It was 1980, I believe, and I was a grad student at UC Berkeley. You helped the Planning and Landscape Architecture departments there define a vision... and I was *hooked*. Took a few of your workshops, sponsored another, and have integrated graphic facilitation into my work as a public policy mediator ever sense. A year ago, I left my private practice (where I focused on mediation) to join RESOLVE, a non-profit with 30 years of experience doing environmental mediation and collaboration ( In joining RESOLVE, they committed to supporting me to let A wonderful thing -- very energizing. You can find some examples of my integration of graphic facilitation with my mediation work at a webpage on the site of my (previous) company: You'll see I note that you -- pre-Grove I do believe -- taught me all that I know. Looking forward to working both large-scale and on-line, and to more thoroughly integrating the principles of graphic facilitation into my mediation world. Perhaps I can see you in SF some day. Yours, mb

Jonny Goldstein

I really enjoyed the book because it gives so many interesting times and places ---growing up in Silicon Valley in the 60's and 70's, Oregon communes, the obligatory pilgrimage to India, the music and movie industries, and on and on. Fascinating read.

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