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  •  HBR "75 Years of Management Ideas & Practice"
    I selected the following large Storymap's as representative examples of my information design work at The Grove where I was a lead designer on the project. Each of them were critical in moving us to another level of confidence and excitement about this big picture way of working. What these photos do not show, of course, is the rich process of facilitated design meetings that we led as a way of generating this material.

My Strategic Visioning Collaborators

  • RachelSmith
    I've included this photo album of some of the people in The Grove's associate network that use our facilitation and Strategic Visioning methods integrally in their work. They are my teachers and I theirs. Collaboration networks are behind most truly innovative, robust methodologies, and our is no exception. Claiming credit as an individual would be like a tree claiming credit for the forest. If you aren't here and know that you should be, send me you picture and a writeup and I'll post it.

Partners for Change Model

  • Sustainabilityplayersmap
    These are two supportive visuals for a Partners for Change model I co-designed with Sissel Waage and Ruth Rominger. It shows how we would bring multiple sustainability researchers and activists together around critical issues and support them to create collaborative efforts in media and tool creation.

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Christine Martell

This is so amazing, for a couple of reasons. First, I really like how you put the presentation together and used the hipcast technology. The work you did at TED is very exciting, I really look forward to seeing it in detail.

The wall you worked on almost takes my breath away when I think about the implications of what this technology can do for visual facilitation. I can hardly wait for this to be widely available. It just takes away so many of the current challenges on the technical side.

Ole Qvist-Sørensen

Hello David,
Thankl you so much for sharing this. It is a brilliant format with which you tell your experience. As soon as I get some kind of DK blog up and running, I will get it there.

I was very much looking forward to see your work, when I heard you were going. And it is brilliant. The technology is speeding up - lets get everybody on board with those listening, synthesizing and visualising skills. Greetings, Ole

Peter Durand

Freakin' unfathomable! Thanks for pushing the envelope again and again!


Hello david..
I am indonesian, and i just wanna say.. Awesome.

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